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Paso Robles in a Case - Some top picks from California's answer to the Rhône Valley.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Wednesday, 05-Sep-2018

Paso Robles is the warmest fine-wine region in California, and I mean that in several ways. The California sun is bright and hot here in summer, but cooling breezes through the Templeton Gap and cool nights allow warm-weather grapes to make great wines. Paso is also one of the friendliest major wine regions you will ever visit, which is why it wins travel awards.

I wanted to choose one case of wine to represent Paso Robles: not the 12 best wines, or most famous, but a case of 12 wines that represent what Paso means to the wine drinker. Of course they all have to be good, and I would spend my own money for them. Some of these wines are hard to get, but that also represents modern Paso Robles, which over the last decade has seen small wineries and young enthusiastic winemakers flourish. Let's pop some corks.

Zinfandel heritage

Zinfandel was among the first plantings in Paso Robles, as it was in many places in California. The three oldest continuously operated vineyards in the area are planted to Zinfandel. And it makes sense: Zinfandel thrives in warm weather, and Paso has the soils and cooling afternoon breezes to make it exceptional.

2016 Dusi Dante Dusi Vineyard Zinfandel

Janell Dusi's grandparents planted this vineyard in 1945. They sold their grapes to wineries, and that's still what Janell does with most of them. But she saves 10 percent of her harvest to make this outstanding old-vine wine. This tastes not like a slick manufactured wine, but like a farm product, and I mean that as high praise. The nose is spicy and brambly; the flavors are of fresh red fruit with plenty of spiciness. It only gets more interesting with air. This is what good old-vine Zinfandel can be.

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